missed waiver or non-compliant plan

missed waiver appeal: criteria

in order for an appeal to be considered, a student must have a private health insurance plan that meets the waiver criteria and have no claims on file with pacificsource (psu's student health insurance plan carrier), otherwise the appeal will be denied. your insurance plan must be active on or before the university’s drop deadline. 
if a missed waiver appeal is approved, it will be the only time the student will be granted an exception for the duration of their enrollment at psu.

missed waiver appeal: deadline

the deadline to waive the psu student health insurance plan is midnight on sunday of the second week of each term. this is also the last day to drop a course without financial penalty (see academic calendar). if a student failed to complete a waiver application before the deadline, a missed waiver deadline appeal form can be submitted for consideration. a student can only submit this form for the current term (i.e., a missed waiver deadline in fall term may not be appealed in subsequent terms). 

a completed appeal form must be submitted to shac by 5:00 p.m. on the deadline date listed below. late appeals will not be accepted! you may only submit one missed waiver appeal per psu academic career.

fall 20': 12/4/20 | winter '21: 3/12/21 | spring '21: 6/4/21 | summer '21: 9/3/21

non-compliant plan 

deadline to submit a request for consideration form for a denied waiver: ten (10) business days from the date your waiver was denied.  check your "waiver denied" email if you are unsure of the date.

failed audit

deadline to submit a request for consideration form for a failed audit: ten (10) business days from the date of the failed audit notification email sent to the student.