a safe space on campus for students to relax and rejuvenate at no cost

mind spa

Mind spa relaxation room with light therapy, plants and yoga station.

our on campus mind spa is closed spring 2020 term

we've created a virtual mind spa  in it's place so all students can still access the amazing benefits!

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schedule your visit

the mind spa schedule is open only for the current term. you can schedule up to 3 sessions per term. the schedule will open for the next term a week before that term starts. after you make an appointment you'll receive an email that will give you instructions for your visit.


biofeedback allows you to harness the power of your mind to increase awareness of your internal state, allowing you to be more in control of your stress response and overall health. this technique promotes relaxation and helps you to reduce, and manage your stress. the mind spa has biofeedback games. spend some time working your way through these games while you learn how to control your breathing, heart rate, and stress. 

light therapy

light therapy uses a light alcove to expose individuals to light that mimics natural sunlight. individuals receiving light therapy treatment have reported a decrease in seasonal affective disorder (sad), and depressive symptoms, and have reported being able to fall asleep more quickly, and wake feeling refreshed. the mind spa has a light therapy alcove with soft pillows that students can spend time. bring a book, some homework, or meditate. 

automatic massage chair

massage therapy has been shown to decrease stress, symptoms of depression and anxiety, and increase immunity functions. studies show that individuals who received a 15 minute chair massage had lower anxiety, and cortisol levels (stress hormone), and eeg scans showed increased production of delta waves (brain waves associated with relaxation) in the brain. the mind spa has the osim uastro2 massage chair available to students. the massage chair has several preset, full body massages settings. it also has localized settings to work on a specific area of the body. 

meditation corner

the meditation corner consists of a yoga mat, meditation mat, foam roller, and instructions for  some basic yoga poses to try during your session. in addition, you can stretch out your muscles or simply sit on the meditation mat. we also have a himalayan salt lamp, water fountain, sound machine, and guided meditations available for your enjoyment.

mind spa eligibility

mind spa appointments are limited to psu students taking five (5) or more credit hours per term. students are limited to only three mind spa visits per academic term.

Late Fees & Cancellations

if you fail to keep or cancel an appointment 24 hours in advance, or do not show for your scheduled appointment, a $10 fee will be charged to your student account.   be sure to keep your confirmation email. click the "manage your appointment" link at the bottom to cancel your appointment. if the link in your confirmation email does not work, email mindspa@pdx.edu to cancel your appointment.

mind spa location

the mind spa is located on the 3rd floor of the university center building (ucb) at 527 sw hall street, suite 310. go to the ucb 3rd floor and enter shac through suite 307, and follow the signs to health promotion (suite 310). someone will be there to greet you. you must show a student psu id to gain access to the mind spa. email mindspa@pdx.edu for any other mind spa questions.