Eligibility & Student Health Fee

the student health center fee is a mandatory fee assessed to all students taking 5 or more in-load, non-restricted differential tuition credit hours.

the fee is $156 per term for the 2019-2020 academic year. the fee is in place to support all of the services offered by the center for student health and counseling (shac) both remotely and in-person. the 2020-2021 academic year fee will be $168 per term.

  • in addition, shac staff promote the health and wellbeing of our campus community by serving on campus committees such as the incident management team, care team, bias review team and healthy campus initiative. shac staff also provide response and guidance to the campus community when the campus experiences health or mental health emergencies such as pandemics, outbreaks, tb, suicide and sexual assault. 
  • if students do not wish to utilize shac for their personal health care, they still benefit from having health officers on campus dedicated to  cultivating a culture of health, care and wellbeing at psu.  
  • to see a comprehensive list of what is covered by the shac health center fee, access the list of services and resources.

shac student health fee (f031 hlth cntr fee)

the student health fee covers

  • office visit fees
  • visits with health service providers
  • visits with counseling services providers
  • health promotion outreach programming and events
  • nurse advice by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week

the student health fee does not cover

  • lab tests and x-rays
  • immunizations and shots
  • acupuncture services
  • pharmacy prescriptions
  • supplies (bandages, splints, braces, crutches, etc.)
  • missed appointments  that are not canceled before the scheduled time
  • dental services 

shac student health  fee vs. student health insurance 

the student health fee

  • students taking 5+ credits are assessed the shac student health fee (f031 hlth cntr fee).
  • students taking 5+ credits are eligible to use shac services regardless of type of  health insurance coverage. 
  • you can use shac even if you waive the psu student health insurance plan. 

psu student health insurance

  • the psu student health insurance plan 
  • nationwide coverage (not restricted to use shac)
  • 100% coverage for shac services (except dental)
  • all students taking 5+ credits are automatically enrolled into this plan unless they waive the plan.