about shac

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Hours, Location & contact

Mission & Vision

vision: to be the wellness resource for psu.

mission: as experts in college health, we are integral to student success and the well-being of our psu community. 


quality: we are trained, compassionate professionals using best practices to achieve optimal outcomes.
student-centered: we prioritize students in decision making and in our work.
innovation: we actively seek ways to improve what we do.
connection: we strive toward positive and collaborative relationships with students, colleagues, and the campus community.
diversity and inclusion: we value, respect, and welcome difference.
learning: we educate students to be healthy, well-rounded citizens; we educate ourselves to ensure excellence; we support the educational mission of the university. 

diversity statement

shac staff believe that prejudice and discrimination are detrimental to individual and community health. we are committed to creating and maintaining an environment where all people of diverse backgrounds or identities can expect to be valued and treated with respect and dignity.

shac statement against racism and xenophobia

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mental health initiatives

shac provides culturally sensitive and culturally responsive presentations, workshops, and collaborative consultation services for our partners on campus. our team works to partner with various student centers and departments on campus to meet the specific needs of your population.

student health advisory board (shab)

the student health advisory board (shab) is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students and is designed to advocate for the psu community in collaboration with shac leadership.
in previous years, shab has worked to impact these areas of student health and wellness:

  • transgender health coverage to the university’s health insurance policy
  • ensured appropriate use of student health fee
  • advocated for improved student mental health resources

shab hopes to continue their work and utilize student input to further our mission. 
the board thrives on hearing from the psu student community; your feedback is valued regarding access to campus health services, academic barriers related to health, and health insurance.

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shac topic of the year: sleep hygiene

one topic that impacts the entire psu community? sleep! sleep is such an important part of who we are and the way our bodies function that all shac departments are paying special attention to the ways that we can interact with students around their sleep hygiene.