eki yandall

eki yandall

director of domestic recruitment and outreach


recruitment territories:

  • freshman and transfer students from u.s. territories, american students abroad and third culture kids

eki joined portland state university in may of 2017. born and raised in san diego, california, he left the golden state for college and attended willamette university in salem, oregon. while he began working for the united way of the mid-willamette valley prior to graduation, the bulk of his professional career is in higher education. having worked both as a high school college counselor and an admission counselor, eki continues to add to the wealth of knowledge that portland state’s undergraduate admissions office has already attracted. his passion for education is centered around the opportunity to provide access to higher education and to connect students with educational opportunities that truly enrich their lives. in his free time, he experiments with diy projects around the house, relentlessly plays outdated video games, and watches his wife coach college softball. random fact: his family's one claim to fame is that they appeared on family feud during the 80's... it did not go well.